A Complete Guide to Backflow Prevention: Safeguarding Your Home’s Water Supply

A Complete Guide to Backflow Prevention: Safeguarding Your Home’s Water Supply

Backflow Prevention in your Home -Does your home have a knight in shining armor? If you’re scratching your head at this question, let me explain. Your home’s knight is a backflow preventer – an unsung hero responsible for keeping your water supply free from contamination. Here at A Clear Choice Plumbing & Heating, based in the colorful state of Colorado, we’re all about giving your house the protection it deserves.

This handy device may not be something that crosses your mind daily, but the role it plays is crucial. Imagine, you’re enjoying a refreshing glass of water straight from your faucet, but unbeknownst to you, that water could contain unwanted and harmful contaminants. Sounds alarming, doesn’t it? That’s where backflow prevention devices come to your rescue.

Understanding Backflow preventor: The Invisible Foe

But what is backflow, you ask? Simply put, it’s water flowing in the wrong direction. Normally, your water should journey in one direction from the main supply line, straight to your home. However, due to unexpected pressure changes within the pipes, sometimes the water decides to make a U-turn. This can result in contaminated water flowing back into the main supply line.

Your water can become polluted in a few ways, like when there’s damage to the main water line, or if a fire hydrant opens up. The resulting pressure loss can cause water to backtrack into the city’s water supply. This backflow can lead to the contamination of public drinking water with unwelcome elements like chlorine from spas and pools, human waste, pesticides, fertilizers, or soap from household appliances.

Enter the Backflow Preventer: The Guardian of Your Home

This is where backflow preventers step up and save the day. These marvelous devices act like one-way gates, only allowing water to flow from the city’s main supply towards your home’s pipes. In case of any pressure changes, these guardians stand their ground, ensuring no water takes an unwanted return trip.

Protect Your Property with a Backflow Prevention Device

For those of you with an irrigation system, installing a backflow preventer is especially crucial at the point where your water meter resides. This can prevent any potential contamination of your system. You’ll find backflow preventers installed in many new homes, but they may not be present on all lines.

At this point, you might be wondering, “Do I have this safety net installed in my home?” Fear not, for we at A Clear Choice are here to help. If you’re unsure, simply give us a ring, and we’ll dispatch our expert team to your location. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the presence of a backflow preventer on your property.

Should your home be missing this crucial device, our skilled professionals can handle the installation for you, ensuring the drinking water in your home remains free from contamination. We’re committed to guiding you in making the best choices for your home and providing top-tier solutions at competitive prices.

Moreover, the significance of backflow prevention transcends the boundaries of individual homes. While backflow can pose serious health risks at the household level, the implications for the wider community cannot be overlooked. Every instance of backflow potentially endangers the health and wellbeing of everyone connected to the same water supply. Consequently, backflow prevention safeguards not only you and your family but also contributes to the overall wellbeing of your community. The gravity of this issue is why the law often requires backflow preventers in many states, including Colorado.

Understanding how backflow prevention works can also aid you in making better choices for your home. A sound knowledge of your home’s plumbing system empowers you to take proactive steps in maintaining the health of your home. For instance, if you have a garden, installing a backflow preventer can protect your family from potentially harmful chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides.

In addition you can expand your role as a responsible community member by educating others about the importance of backflow prevention, ultimately helping your entire community stay safe and healthy.

Keeping Colorado’s Water Clean, One Home at a Time

We are A Clear Choice Plumbing and Heating, your reliable ally for all things plumbing in Englewood, Colorado. If you have questions about backflow prevention or any other plumbing services, please call us at 720 938 1554. We are always ready, round the clock, to tackle all your plumbing issues and requirements.

By choosing to safeguard your home’s water supply with a backflow preventer, you’re not only making a clear choice for your home but also contributing to the community by keeping Colorado’s water clean and safe. After all, it’s the clear choices that make the biggest difference.


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