Buying a New Home? Consider these 4 Plumbing Problems.

Plumbing in a new home

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There are a few items plumbing wise that all new home owners should consider before purchasing.

Buying a new house is a major financial and emotional decision in anyone’s life. While you and your agent or attorney will be inspecting many aspects during the buying process, it is also important to check the plumbing on the property. At A Clear Choice Plumbing & Heating, we have many suggestions to help you ensure the plumbing system in your likely new home is in good condition. It is recommended to check the following when inspecting the plumbing in a potential home purchase.

Water Damage Signs

It is recommended to start by checking the whole house for any signs of leakage or water damage. Some of the signs you should look out for include the following:

  • Discoloration on the drywall near fixtures
  • Rusting on the appliances, including the water heater
  • Moisture on the basement floor
  • Condensation on the walls or ceiling
  • Water under the sinks
  • The caulking in the shower/tub is cracking
  • Mold growth on any surface
  • Discoloration/moisture around the base of the toilet

Once you have checked for these signs, it is recommended to check the following plumbing systems:


Sinks, Faucets & Toilets

Checking the sinks and toilets should give you a pretty good idea of the condition of the plumbing system and water pressure. Use the following steps when making these checks:

  • Turn on all the faucets in the house
  • Check whether water drains quickly from all the sinks or not
  • Look for any signs of leaks under and around the faucet and under the sink
  • Flush all the toilets to check whether the water drains out or not
  • Look for any signs of leakage around the base of all the toilets and water chambers

If there is poor drainage and leaks, they will need prompt repair. If the damage has already been done, you could be looking at expensive repairs if you intend to purchase the house.

Water Heater

You don’t want to find out that a water heater replacement is required after you have purchased the house. It is recommended to check the water heater for the following signs of damage or problems:

  • Age of the water heater
  • Odd noises from the tank when you turn it on
  • Leaks at the inlet/outlet valves when the water heater is running
  • Rusting or corrosion on the tank
  • Sandy/muddy water coming from the hot water faucet

A typical water heater is meant to last 12 to 15 years.

Main Sewer Drain

If it is an older house, check the main sewer drain whether tree roots are growing into it. The drain can also break down due to age. When it comes to checking the sewer, you will need some professional help. You cannot just flush the toilets or check the sinks to get an idea of the condition of the sewer drain. It is recommended to hire the services of a licensed and experienced plumber to check the drain. It will be best to hire such an expert to conduct a thorough plumbing inspection of the entire property.

When there are problems with the main sewer, the repairs can be quite expensive. Common problems include tree rotos and collapsed concrete. When an expert plumbing inspection detects these problems, you can ask the seller to fix the problems or you can negotiate the cost.

If you need assistance with inspecting the plumbing on a property before making a buying decision, feel free to contact A Clear Choice Plumbing & Heating at 720 938 1554 or send us a message.

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