Preventing Water Damage in Your Home – Water damage can occur without warning, and when it does, it can cause significant damage to various features in your home. The experts at A Clear Choice Plumbing & Heating have put together these tips that can help prevent water damage and keep your property safe:


1. Clean the Gutters & Downspouts

Clean all the gutters on your home at least twice a year. Any blockage in them or the downspouts can result in standing water, which can damage the siding of your home and the interior features too. Water overflowing from the edges of the gutters can accumulate at the base of the structure, causing damage to the foundation. Make sure that these features are free of debris and that the downspouts open up at a safe distance from the base of the structure.

2. Disconnect all the Hoses

Standing water in garden hoses can start to freeze and back up into the pipe. The ice block can hamper the flow of water. In some cases, it can cause a pipe burst resulting in damage to your walls, foundation, and floors.

3. Maintain Plantings

A beautiful landscape adds to the liveliness and curb appeal of your home. But huge trees can also have large roots that grow deep into the ground. In some cases, these roots infiltrate underground drains through minute cracks, build there, and ultimately block it entirely. This blockage can cause a backup of sewage water in your showers and sinks. It’s why you must remove all trees that have become overgrown and pose this risk.


1. Know Where the Water Mains Are On Your Property

It’s a must for you to know the location of the water mains on your property. In case of a pipe burst or other plumbing emergency, you would need to quickly shut it off before the water flowing into your home causes extensive damage.

2. Check All Your Appliances Regularly

Many appliances like the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc. have water connections, and you must get these checked by a licensed and experienced plumber. This is also the time to replace your appliance hoses if necessary. Deteriorated hoses are some of the most common causes of water-related damage in homes.

3. Address Leakages Immediately

If you have noticed any moisture damage, seepage, or moss and mildew growth on walls or any features in your home, investigate without any delay. Neglecting to address these issues on time can cause further damage. Most insurance providers offer coverage for sudden and accidental damage, but will not cover any damage that occurs due to lack of maintenance.

In addition to these things, check the water pressure in your home regularly as hoses and pipes can fail under pressure. It’s also a good idea to install efficient water detection devices and monitor your water bill regularly. Also, keep the number of a 24/7 Emergency Plumbers in Denver, Colorado handy at all times.

For any emergency or standard plumbing issues, call A Clear Choice Plumbing and Heating at 720 938 1554. We are on call 24/7 to deal with all your plumbing issues any time of the day or night.

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